Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Just some fashion illustration appreciation ♥

In my eyes this is an art.

I stumbled upon this page, Vectroave.
which lead me to this page
where this picture immediately caught my attention.

Simply beautiful!
I love the colors that are used
and all the detail placed throughout.

The artist is Camila Do Rosario.
These are a few others of her fashion illustrations.

I think she is extremely talented!
and I'll probably look into finding some more of her work.


Makes me want to start sketching more
(other than the 6pgs a week of cubes I have to do for Observational Drawing, DUMB!

Hope you are enjoying my latest posts,
and are interested in similar things as me.
Feel free to leave me any questions or comments you may have,
or just feel like saying Hi!

Love, Lauren  

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