Sunday, July 11, 2010

Last day stress-free

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Starting Tomorrow I'm back to school.. whooom whom whommm
I know it won't be so bad once i get back into my regular routine..
But I'm really not looking forward to 7:30 mornings.

Hopefully I will like my new set of classes,
and be able to stay calm and not overwhelm myself.
((keeping my figures crossed))

My goals for the next 11 weeks are:
Keep my grades up again!
Do not miss one class.. 
Start working out / utilize the gym at my apt
Make it to the beach more often
Start cooking more and eat healthier!!

My goals for this blog for the next 11 weeks are:
To share more of my work
more pictures
more art
more fashion and trends that catch my eye
anddd whatever else seems appropriate.

**SOoo here's to looking forward to the good!
xx Lauren

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