Monday, August 9, 2010

For Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday!

Here are my magazine picks for
yesterday, today, and tomorrow
since I'm running on slow steam due to midterms
and still have a ton to do...

Thanks for being patient ♥

(Harper's Bazaar/ my comment)

I could use a dozen of these.
Real yummy ones & Ridiculous diamond ones 

(VanityFair/ my comment

I could watch their movies all day.
Forgetting Sarah Marshall & Knocked Up
are Amazing.end.of.story.

(source unknown/ my comment)

I love green and purple together.
I know it can look a little Barney sometimes...
But I can't help but feel happy 
looking at this picture

Also, P.s. Yayyayayaa I have 4 followers on here
and 4 followers on Bloglovin'.
Thanks guys! I really enjoy doing this.
Its kinda become my little baby lol
Which is really exciting because I wanted to find
some sort of Hobby/outlet for myself.

Hope you are enjoying my posts!
xx Lauren

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