Thursday, October 21, 2010

Class today..

So I just finished up my first class of the day,
Specialty Merchandising,
and I have to say I loved our in-class assignment!

We had to choose a line of Handbags,
research their bestsellers, non-best sellers/sale,
 new trends, and up-incoming.
We had to choose a role to play,
like buyer from blah, blah, blah store,
and come up with a new idea for a bag
that you feel is 
what the customer wants.

This is what I created (photoshop):
(images from Nordstrom and StyleSight)

- I chose Chloe Handbags
- My role was the Designer Collection Buyer 
for Nordstrom
-I wanted floral lining
-Soft leather in the above color swatches
with flower appliques on the exterior

Let me know what you think!
and go ahead and check out a little of 
my school work above : )

Enjoy your Thursday!!
♥ Lauren

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