Friday, November 19, 2010

Field trip to the LACMA; Ken Downing!

Last week I had an amazing opportunity to go hear
Ken Downing speak to the LACMA Costume Council
about the trends to expect for Spring 2011.

It was very exciting to say the least!
He is super animated when he speaks, which just keeps
you hanging on his every word.
All the ladies in the room seemed to be taking notes
on what to go purchase from Neiman's right away,
to be ahead of the game.

I found a quick youtube voice of someone interviewing
Ken at Lincoln Center about the up-coming trends.
It is not the best quality.. but what he says is a reallyyyy
short version of what he told us.
CORALS.color.YSL inspired. etc.


Here are a few picture of the slideshow presentation
he gave us:
 (Thanks to my friend Britney)

(click to enlarge) 

Ken's 2010 predictions:

Bohemian Rhapsody
Le Smoking (pant suits)
Trench with a twist
California dreamin' ('70s, Boho)
Crossbody bags
White Out (all white)
Sheer madness (laces)
Python Print
Shine On (rose-gold, etc.)
A bounty of blossoms
stripes and dots (mix, mix)
and "the bottom line" (Belly bottoms)

I'm already seeing many of these trends in stores
so don't be afraid to snatch them up now!!

I am pretty sure that all of us that attended last Wednesday
enjoyed the WHOLE experience ♥

(sky, nicole, britney, and I outside the LACMA)


  1. ugh I really wanted to go to that. Love hearing about it though!

  2. thanks so much for sharing xxxx