Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Wish me luck..

So today I have two final projects due..
One for Retail Buying with my awesome group
& A Solo project for Psych.

I actually, really, surprised myself with 
the Psych one.. it was a Self-exploration Project,
in any form of media.

I chose paint, which is bold 
because I don't paint.
And as of Friday I only had a couple ideas
of how I was going to approach this..

- one idea involved a Barbie.. 
(which I decided I didn't want to go a toy store)

- and the other was with luggage
(like carrying around your problem..)

I ended up at Michael's and bought a canvas, brushes,
glitter, and paint.
Well here is how it started..

Got my luggage..
and this is how it ended up turning out

I'm still in disbelief that I made that.
And that it turn out pretty well, symbolism and ALL.  

As far as explaining everything and it's meanings,
I'll spare all of you.
 But just know that the girl is me,
and the Heart Balloon is all the love and support
 from my amazing family and friends..
And I'm headed towards the future
 leaving all the old behind

So this is where I need the luck!
I'm going to have to stand in front of my class
of 30!!
and share all about my work of art.. Oh Joy!

Hope you all have a good Tuesday
xx Lauren


  1. Lauren, what in incredible painting, and what an incredible story you have. I am SO beyond blessed to know it, and to know you, and to have you as one of my best friends (for life, no matter what)! You are such a wonderful and lovely woman! :]

  2. That is so beautiful! You're so talented to create something so detailed and just darn cute! It makes me want what's in the picture!

    Maryjane xoxo

  3. You don't need luck at all, that looks AMAZING!

  4. Thank you girls!! I'll get my grade next week.. so we'll see

  5. Holy crap girly. I haven't gotten to look at your blog in a really long time and I am catching myself up with your life. But anyway, this is freakin' AMAZING! You did such a great job I can't believe it! That's so awesome lovey!

  6. Both artist and artwork are amazing!!
    You couldn't have done better, Lauren! so excellently and beautifully illustrated.