Tuesday, December 7, 2010

It's beginning to look a LOT like CHRISTMAS ♥

I don't know about you..
BUT the whole month of December is 
my favorite time of the year!!

Hot Chocolates with whipped cream & candy canes

Purchasing all the gift-wrapping fixings!

Wrapping all the presents to take home.

And storing them under my little Christmas Tree

It doesn't hurt to have a little helper either : ]

Other festive things on 
My To-Do List:

- make sugar cookies with red & green sprinkles
- watch all the christmas movies I can
- purchase a 3-tin-popcorn (FAVORITE!)
- get my mom to make her coffee cakes & toffee bars, YUMMY
- Find the neighborhoods with the CRAZY lights.. 
At home they are in San Carlos..
- Listen to more Christmas music! PANDORA is amazinggg.

What are your Favorite Things 
this time of the year?? 
♥, Lauren


  1. Love to see such awesome holiday spirit! I have an affinity for wrapped presents as well, and your pooper is ADORABLE! =D



  2. i share your love for ice skating, christmas pandora, and popcorn tins. i always try to NOT eat the cheddar side, because goodness knows what kind of cheese it is, but i always do anyways. oh well, the holidays season is for indulgence.

    i need to go ice skating this weekend too!