Tuesday, December 14, 2010

It's that time again...

Time to travel Home ♥
for the Holidays

Lots of packing and laundry..
While I'm finishing up my last week of Fall Quarter.
6 finals = stressful! 

Here are a few thing I can't wait
 to do when I get home: 

Yummy Foods!
good cheeses - brie is a fav.

baking cookies!

Fresh sourdough ♥

Going over to HMB
for Amazing CRAB!

little brother last X-mas

Spending time
with the best parents ♥
Step-dad & Mom

Their soOoOoo cute, & a lot of fun too!

Waking up to beautiful views
from my bathroom window


*hail - the closest thing to snow lol

and Bay Area Fog ♥ I miss it!

Crazy how much you can miss 
Good Food,
and Weather
when you are off on your own. 

Hope you all are having a good week
before Christmas MADNESS begins! 

Love, Lauren


  1. Aw.. looks like you are going to have a great time visiting home for the holidays! Where exactly is home? I am all about the crab- in South Florida we really don't have many native crabs.


  2. Thanks Casey for following my blog : ))
    Home is in Northern California - SF Bay Area.
    And the crab there is amazinggg lol ♥

  3. I was just thinking about going to Sams! And I was telling my friends how we have crab for Christmas. Ahh cant wait!

  4. So gorgeous! I grew up in Sacramento, so I love love love the bay! Are the sourdough crabs from Boudin?! That's one of my fave places! xoxo

  5. The bread forming a crab is the sweetest thing.
    I love it!

    Nice blog xo

    much sweetness,
    hope to hear from you xx