Sunday, January 16, 2011

Weekly Gratitude: 1st one

  • Thank you to my mom and step-dad for all their love and support!! First week back to school is never cheap.. or easy.
  • Thank you to the girl at Juice It Up for suggesting the Super C Cherry smoothie, which I swear cured my cold.
  • Thank you to my boyfriend for watching over Smalls while I was at school all day Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday - letting him out to go potty and feeding him is a HUGE help to me!
  • Thank you to my friends at school for sitting with me in classes and talking with me about everything and anything // if it wasn't for you lovely ladies I would be quite lonely.
  • Thank you to my specialty merchandise teacher last quarter for approaching me about the BB Dakota internship opportunity - it was the best ending to a long quarter.
  • Thank you to the polite people that go out of their way (a little) to open a door or hold it open as I approach with 10lbs. of art supplies/ textbooks in my hands.
  • Thank you to Pretty Little Liars for coming back with an interesting season! I'm hooked.
  • Thank you to my little lovebug Smalls for always curling up with me at night on the couch and placing his sweet little head on my lap - some how I know how much he truly loves me ♥
  • Thank you to the San Jose Sharks for winning tonight to break their losing streak.
  • Thank you to all the blogs I follow for inspiring me in so many ways, as well as providing me with reading material throughout my day.

This was my first weekly gratitude!
Want to join in?
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Enjoy the rest of your weekend!


  1. Thank you for being the most thoughtful, caring, loving daughter!! We are so proud of you and love you so much. Great blog...xoxo

  2. it's always great for thoughtful reflection. kudos & keep on keeping on!


  3. thanks for the internet to make me stumble across your blog (and many others :)))

    yeah, cheesy. but true...

  4. Thanks for such an awesome thankful list! It makes me happy reading it.