Thursday, March 31, 2011

12 months ago

I went Home ♥
for spring break and did the most sight-seeing
I have ever done around the peninsula (sf-bay area).
My boyfriend and I decide that we had to do something each day
we were there and take LOTS of pictures, 
which I never got around to sharing.. So 12 months later..
Here are some of my favorites!

Day 1: We went to the Winchester Mystery House
(San Jose, Ca)
We had so much fun on the house tour!
I loved all the details that the "crazy" owner Sarah Winchester
put into her growing house - if you have any interest in
old Tiffany glass and "ghosts" you should check this place out.

Day 2: We went to the San Francisco Zoo
I hadn't been there since grade school but I think
I appreciated it now more than ever.. especially since I have my own
lil guy (Smalls) so I just have a super soft spot for all animals.

This little guy stole my heart that day ♥ how cute is he?

Day 3: We headed to the Legion of Honor to see the Cartier exhibit
I had never been there before.. THE View was breathtaking!
I had also never seen the GGBridge from that side (the entrance side).
Unfortunately, I did not take pictures of the AMAZING jewels
but if the exhibit is traveling in your area I highly recommend
that you visit.


I cannot wait to journey home again.
I took it for granted when growing up..

Have you visited Northern California??
If so, Do you have a favorite sight-seeing destination?


  1. napa valley!

    great photos. love the animal ones!

  2. Gorgeous pictures! Looks like such a nice time. I need to get there!

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  3. Great photos,looks like you had a fun trip! That house looks exquisite

    <3 Alison

  4. Lovely post!
    I love your blog!
    Maybe we can follow eachother?

  5. i haven't visited up north in almost 4 years!! these photos are making me wish for a vacation!! i love SF and miss it so much!! thanks for sharing your wonderful trip <3

  6. Absolutely gorgeous photos. I love the animal ones. You have a wonderful blog! I am your newest follower.


  7. love your blog! nope, never been to your state but you depict it very well. visting the zoo is always fun =)


  8. SO fun looking. I stared at that peacock forever. It's so pretty! haha :)

    p.s. I gave you a blogger award. Check it out righttt here

  9. Sounds like such a great trip home! Your pictures are beautiful and I wish I was able to do just even one of those things during my short trip to SF last month!

    <3 kris&kel

  10. i love NorCal, (even though i'm a SoCal girl at heart..hehe) but my sister lives there and every time i go we discover something new about it, i think that's what i love most about SF, there's always something to discover. so glad to see that you had fun at home :) love your blog!

  11. LOVE the Legion of honor! Small museum, but great collection :)

  12. I grew up in Elk Grove before moving to Los Angeles, but my heart is always in NorCal! Over Christmas my boyfriend and I spent a few days in SF, and even though we've been there tons of times, it was nice to get out and act like tourists! Your photos are just stunning- love them all!

    Hugs xx