Wednesday, July 13, 2011

recap: trip home

To say I enjoyed my time home is an understatement
I LOVED every minute of it ♥

I didn't get much of a summer break due to the fact
that my school is year-round.. 3 weeks to be exact and it goes by fast..
So my time home was my much needed vacation.

I got to spend a lot of time with my family
who I hadn't seen in six months and missed greatly.

We were able to grab launch in beautiful Saratoga
the first weekend I was back.

I was also able to attend what turned out to be an amazing 14 inning 
Giants game with one of my best friends and her bf.

We took the train up, ate garlic fries, and watched the game
from some of the best seats I've been in recently.
It was definitely a game I will never forget ♥

Before leaving I saw on The Glitter Guide facebook page that
they were having a launch party in the city the same time I was
going to be up there, so I found the courage to rsvp.

My boyfriend was a huge sport and came with me.
( I'm glad he did, we were the only strangers )
I was extremely nervous because I had never been to any sort
of blogging event before, and most of these girls are kinda like my idols.
I had no idea what to expect..

Although I knew no one personally
I was really proud of myself for doing something out of my comfort zone.
We are taught all the time in school that networking is extremely important,
and even though I talked to no one.. it was my first baby step/ attempt. 

* I did say hi to Alicia from Cheetah is the New Black at the very end.
 I was very glad I did! She was super nice, 
and of course dressed super cute (as always). 

I was definitely sad to leave the Bay Area after sending 
two amazing weeks there but I do get to look forward to 
visiting again in September!

Thank you for following along on my summer 2011 vaca.


  1. sounds like a lot of fun :D you look gorgeous in the lunch party pic!

  2. aww you should have said hi to Taylor-she's a sweetheart! I'm so glad you were able to go, I had to work and was super bummed not to be there!!

  3. great fun!! love your blog so glad i foiund it.!!!
    i love the everyday posts.just created a blog but hope we stay in touch-!

  4. Great photos! Love your blog :) xx

  5. I love the photos you took! That's awesome that you went to a blogging event-I've been wanting to go/trying to fit one in my schedule!


    Erin @

  6. Did you stop blogging? I miss your sunny posts! :(

  7. Ah you and your boyfriend are such a gorgeous couple! XX

  8. I'm so happy you had a great time at home! And you and your bf are too cute :) Hope you have a great Thursday!


  9. Beautiful pics!