Saturday, July 17, 2010

Happy Saturday!

Hope everyone is having a good weekend : ]

It has been wayyy to hot here!
And I have been stuck inside doing all my homework..

I wish my apartment was right on the beach, I need that coastal breezeee
(found on Picasa/Google ... the orange is super random i know but kinda a symbol since I live in the OC)

*Side-Note: I added an About Me page*

I Promise to add more pages with some of my school work,
and maybe something on new trends.. I'm still brain-storming..
But I would love some feedback or any suggestions!

I'm going to make sure to post more this week ♥
so be on the look out.


[[Consider this my random post, it'll probably happen once a week lol]]

My boyfriend and I are watching the movie Jack (1996)
I forgot how much I Love '90's comedy kid's movies!!

Sandlot is my all time FAVORITE! (duh my dog)
Hook is number two
The Big Green, Little Giants, The Little Rascals,
Heavy Weights, It Takes Two, Hocus Pocus,
Ms. Doubtfire, and all the rest!!

these kids are classic, too frickin' cute ♥

Back to the Homework, EhhHHhh
xoxo, Lauren

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