Friday, July 30, 2010

On the look out for Fall

I found this picture and it got me really excited for Fall.
(source unknown)
I decided to start hunting online for items
that I am going to be on the look out for,
or ask for my Birthday (Sept. 27th) 

1. a pair of rain-boots!

(Nordstroms - Burberry and Hunters)

2. a new cuff or bangle


3. a blazer, flats, scarf, shoulder bag, and sunglasses


and 4. long strands of pearls, a gold bangle, a chunky ring, flower earrings, 
a tie bracelet, and a white watch


I am already styling outfits in my head of what options
I have to wear in my closet for when the weather 
gets cooler.

I'll make sure to share if I do decided to 
splurge on my broke-student-budget and start 
preparing my wardrobe with any of the above items.

enjoy the weekend!

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