Sunday, August 1, 2010

6 things instead...

6 things I wish I was doing this week
 instead of school

1. Enjoying my magazines or a interesting book

2. Organizing my clothes/closet (YES I would rather!)

3. Be at the beach in a cute bathing suit

4. Enjoying a cute cafe, lunching with my mommy ♥
(I miss her lots! Hi Mom, I know you'll read this lol)

5. Making an amazing breakfast
 (rather than a power-bar 3 days straight)

and 6. Sleeping-in/ Napping with my little Smalls
(we are quite lazy lol)

Okay I'm off to bed with a movie and my cuddle monkey.
Enjoy the week ahead of you,
and maybe go on an adventure if you are still on summer vaca.
Luck duck...

♥ Lauren 

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