Saturday, September 4, 2010

Choices.. Sprinkles!

Okay, so I have never tried

before, and I'm thinking for my Birthday
this year, it is going to be a MUST!

It'll be a Monday (the 27th)
so here are the flavors for that day
(the ones that sound the best to me)

Black and White


Chocolate Marshmallow

Cinnamon sugar


Dark Chocolate


Red Velvet


and Vanilla Milk Chocolate

All of them look so tasty!!
Any suggestions??!!

I'm also excited to give Smalls his 
1st cupcake


  1. Oh, these all look SO delicious! I do love a yummy cupcake. Happy birthday early, dear, and I hope that the cupcakes are all you're hoping!
    It's my first time on your blog and I'm loving it... Can't wait for more!
    xo Josie

  2. Lauren you gotta have one of each! not all at once of course, but over the next year tryyyy them!
    Black and white, mocha, and red velvet are all amazing!! my favorites for sure. You'll loveeee them.