Friday, October 8, 2010

ready for Halloween?

I love Halloween!
there is just something about the whole month of October, really..

Pumpkins, Costumes, Treats, Spooky Movies, Decorations..
all that and more!!

This year I'm not sure on my costume..
my freshmen year at csuf I was a scantily dressed GIANTS fan,
the next year I was Victoria Beckham, 
and last year I was Pooh Bear and Smalls was my honey-bee ♥

and Smalls needs a new costume too...
he was a pumpkin the first year I had him,
and last year he was a Bee (very apropos due to his run-in with bees)

Here are some cute treats I found off other blogs.
I hope they get you excited!!

(images via cupcakes take the cake)

(images via here, here)

I think today I will need to purchase little pumpkins
and yummy candies..
Make sure to share any ideas you have for costumes, party plans, etc.
I'd love to hear ♥

xx Lauren

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