Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Cameras, cameras.. Any suggestions?

(made by me)

So I'm on the hunt for a good quality Camera.
I had a nice Canon right after high school, 
but it died due to a party... Rip
I replaced it with a cheaper fix, a Kodak camera.
IT is the WORST!
horrible in low light, consistently grainy, poor focus...
I could go on..
I am trying to find an "investment piece".
A camera that is not going to let me down
and will last me, hopefully, the next 5 years+

Any suggestions?!? 
or experience with awful cameras
(so I know what to avoid)
I would love to hear your thoughts ♥

xoxo Lauren

P.s. Thank you to everyone who helped me out
with my Fur survey!!!!!! You guys are the BEST.

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  1. we are on a hunt too! our is sooo crappy, i HATE using it! we have been using film cameras and we are having soo soo much fun with them! good luck camera hunting, if i hear of anything good, will totally let you know!