Wednesday, November 17, 2010

What a STEAL!

Sam Edelman booty/clogs
retail = $145.00

TJ Maxx = $39.99

You be the judge.. Definite STEAL!

I made my way to the local TJ Maxx
 with my friend Britney yesterday
to go check out a faux fur vest
 our friend Nicole had told me about..
It was super cute and SUPER long 
but I really have a brownish one in mind
so I decided to hold off for now. 
BUT I definitely scored in the shoe department!
**Britney informed me that I will never find Sam Edelman's for $40 EVER lol
so I couldn't pass up this 'once in a lifetime' opportunity.

ON a side-note I am convinced
 that these two girls are my lucky-charms
when it comes to finding the best deals.. 
they were with me when I found FRYE boots
 for $40, they retail new for $300. CRAZY Right? 
♥ I think they should shop with me more often.  

Happy Thursday!
love, Lauren

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  1. Love those shoes!


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