Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Friends and Spirit ♥

"Friends are like snowflakes,
 each one different and unique.
-Starbuck's window

My friend Nicole pointed out this quote today
on the window at the local Starbucks...
I couldn't agree more with it
It made me realize how excited I really am
to see my friends from home during winter-break.

I am counting down the days til I finish finals
and am on my way back to the bay!
I am looking forward to enjoy the holidays with
 my family & friends.
Nothing compares to sharing the Christmas joy with others
and I have always been quite the 'Christmas Spirit' ...
This year is no exception!
Here is my little tree already decorated and lit.

And I am in the midst of creating my Christmas List 
to share before BLACK FRIDAY,
 so check back soon : ]

Here are some of my past Christmas Memories
with Family and Friends.
(Hope you enjoy the Holidays with your's)

1 comment:

  1. such cute pictures! can't wait for christmas and all the decorations and the christmas smell!