Sunday, January 30, 2011

School Assignment #2: Apparel Industry 2011

{ Locate three articles } 
that characterize the direction of the apparel industry

- supply thoughts for each (brief description)
- add links or site the reference (hard copy)
- add Imagery (always a plus!)

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1st Article: Fabric Firms Eye Slow Rebound
by Vicki M. Young and Marc Karimzadeh
posted Tuesday January 25, 2011
from WWD ISSUE 01/25/2011

Who: Designers, Buyers, and Exhibitors in the textile sector
Where: Jacob K. Javits Convention Center in Manhattan, New York
When: January 11th & 12th
What: textile shows/ Texworld USA
"Showcased resources for findings, trims, lace and embroidery, and a large group
of Indian exhibitors of embroidery, and silk and wool fabrics."

The article discussed that there is still much uncertainty if business is picking up
 among the industry. Many had reason to believe that the economy is starting to lift
and the rebound will soon begin to positively impact business. 
Exchange rates and the global economy are some of the current
challenges that the industry faces. Raw materials, like cotton, have doubled in price
causing concern among spinners, designers, and retailers
 on how to pass the higher costs on to the consumer and whether the consumer
will pay the prices. [plus side] cotton blends have been on the rise
 to alleviate the costs of yarn. There is hope that costs will settle
 in the next two years. 

by Deborah Belgum, Senior Editor
posted January 28, 2011

Who: 350 companies from within the decorated-apparel industry/ T-shirts
Where: Long Beach Convention Center, Long Beach, California
When: January 21st-23rd
What: Imprinted Sportswear Show,
"one of the largest West Coast events for the decorated-apparel industry."

This article gave some interesting insight on "triblend" T-shirts that
made "an aggressive appearance on the show floor." They credit this to the current
rise in cotton prices. American Apparel showed a triblend V-neck that is 
50% polyster, 25% cotton, and 12.5% viscose.
Others took an all-natural route to triblend with bamboo, cotton 
and soybean fiber.

by Venessa Lau
posted Wednesday January 26, 2011
from WWD ISSUE 01/26/2011

Who: Erin Fetherston
Where: originally from California, based in New York now
When: Debut during New York Fashion Week 
What: Introducing a new contemporary line 
"everyday wear, with ample ladyfied sportswear"

I choose this article due to the fact that Erin Fetherston addresses the impact
that the economy has had on the everyday-fashionista. 
Erin has come to realize due to her more recent partnerships with Juicy Couture
and Target, that a lower-price line is the way to go. "I became more aware
of a large Erin Fetherston fan base that hasn't necessarily been able to
buy into the designer price point.. I don't want to leave that girl out anymore."- EF
Erin's new line will range from $73 to $250 at wholesale, and you can expect
T-shirts that are embellished with beadwork and chiffon accents, 
a winter parka done in icy metallic lame and skinny black pants with
a "swath" of silk trailing in the back, like a cape.
"I still want to create unique things"- EF
Day dresses, simple tanks and blouses and a tuxedo jacket with sheer
bishop sleeves round out the collection. Can't Wait!

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