Sunday, January 30, 2011

Weekly gratitude: #3

Weekly Gratitude

(boyfriend and i at the winchester mystery house last spring)

  • Thank you Boyfriend for making me laugh every day, and for being an amazing part of my life. 
  • Thank you B.Jones for sending out my Stylit so fast! I received it yesterday and can't wait to start filling it out.
  • Thank you Brian Wilson for being hilarious and making me proud to be a San Francisco Giants' Fan!! ((Lopez, and Xbox))
  • Thank you Trader Joe's for your delicious honey-wheat pretzels ♥
  • Thank you weatherman for giving me hope for some rain! My new rain boots are screaming at me from my closet.
  • Thank you Uncle Ben's rice for saving my iphone from its watery death.
  • Thank you mommy for my morning texts. They make me smile.
  • Thank you Donut Star for actually having fresh donut holes when we stopped by this past week.
  • Thank you to everyone this week that told me I smelled good. I can't take the credit.. it's Chanel Chance.
  • Thank you to the Lady at my internship, that always looks so fashionable, for telling me the moment I walked in that I had on a "cute outfit!"  it was the highlight of my day.

Enjoy your Sunday!
And Thank you for stopping by,
I truly enjoy reading every comment and responding.


  1. Ah, very sweet couple..


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  2. :)

    Following you, i like your blog!

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  3. Aww so sweet! Adorable blog :) xx

  4. that reminds me I need to go to Trader Joes today! hehe

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    hope you find it interesting:)

  6. You are just so pretty!

    I enjoyed this post.

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    XO, Katie

  7. Yay! Another weekly gratitude participant!