Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Update - Why M.i.a.

UPDATE - I have been M.i.a. (missing in action) 
and I apologize

I just got back down to Southern California
 from my two week visit Home in the Bay.. 
And its now crunch time to get back into school mood, 
on top of unpacking and all the other lovely errands
 that need to be run.. 

I also have been bad at posting because I have been
contemplating whether or not to change the look on here..
just some minor changes, but stuff that I will need to 
actually look up how to format, and what not.
We'll see, but please stick with me through it. 
I promise to be back to my daily postings soon!

Here are a few pictures from being home:  

I came home to the 'Charlie Brown Christmas Tree' lol

the outfit I wore to my cousin's wedding

My mom, brother, and stepsissy at the wedding reception

I can't get over how much we have all grown! me-21, greg-16, selina-20

(( and the better camera quality we now have lol ))

Christmas 2008

We went to see Black Swan! CRAZYYYY

Boyfriend's new Flannel from Aeropostale

no post would be complete without Smalls

silly guy! He has been the best travel buddy ever.

Enjoy your Wednesday!!


  1. Girl, you and your style are so stinking cute! Wish I could have seen you more while you were home, but maybe now I'll have to make a trip down to see you sometime soon!

  2. love your new years eve outfit!

  3. The christmas tree is pretty much adorable, but strange to my canadian eyes. I don't suppose you get many pines in the bay area. love the blog.

  4. Oh no Ginger there are pines, my parents just decided to be lazy this year and decorate some little tree in our sunroom.. lol I was so disappointed at first but got over it. Thank you for your comments girls ♥