Saturday, January 8, 2011

Starting Construction: New Banner

So I have started the "construction" around here.

I created a new banner last night.. 
I wanted to include all my own personal pictures
that are all little pieces of me.. 
Because DUH my blog title states how much
 'I love to share' lol

My last banner was my own hands that I 
put into Illustrator and turned into a vector..
Blah, blah, blah - nerd computer stuff

 Anyways I thought it would be fun
to personally share what each picture is, and why.

Down here in SoCal most freeways have stone pictures on the walls, 
to me its a symbol of the many drives I have made between my two homes,
 as well as all the driving that is just done around here!

this is my little guy! This picture to me symbolizes how precious life is ♥
Smalls and I have been through a lot - in a three month span last year
 he almost died on me 3 times. He means the world to me, and I am his protector.  

I took this picture outside my house in the Bay Area. I have always been
in love with palm trees, and they are pretty much the only tree
I can draw with detail and have it look real lol
I also enjoy this picture because it was sunset, so all that yellow is real - No Ps.

This is my first cocktail ring that I bought from a consignment shop.
It symbolizes to me my ability to find beauty in old/used, 
as well as my thrifty shopping skills - $15.

OH look who it is! Here is his formal introduction!
Name: Smalls / Birthday: March 12th, 2008 / Hometown: La Mirada
Favorite toy: Blue Rubber Bone / Dislikes: Wearing Clothes, Bugs, Shots, and getting nails cut
Fun Fact: He only drinks water out of a cup lol seriously

Laguna Beach is Beautiful - this is my symbol for me
living the "OC" life lol so corny I know

This is the picture I used for my first banner..
Its symbolic in itself

I'm a Fashion Marketing and Management Major.
I took this outside the California Marketing Center on one of our field trips.
This day was the moment I realized I really am in the right major/industry
for me! I have found my passion and can't wait to see where it takes me.

I love my OPI nail polish, and I'm pretty addicted to my make-up as well.
I consider both a form of art - a lot of time and patients go into them..
at least for me lol

I am located a good 30 to 40 minutes south from Hollywood,
But to me the whole area symbolizes *Dreams, for me that will be clothes!

I love Cup Cakes! And most desserts. It is my mission to find
the BEST Cup Cakes and Tiramisu ♥
I could eat desserts for every meal and I think they are just adorable.

I am also a recovering addict of Starbucks lol
My favorite drink is an iced Upside-down Carmel macchiato, 
w/ non-fat milk & extra carmel.. And Hot Chocolate no whip
There is nothing better than meeting up with friends to get coffee.

One of my best friends took this beautiful picture of me a couple of
summers ago - seeing her pictures and her passion for them
really inspired me to find a hobby/passion for something..
and here it is, my blog.

And lastly, the Golden Gate Bridge. I took this picture last 
winter break when I was home. This picture grounds me, I know where I came from
and wouldn't change it for the world. I love my home and know that
no matter what happens in life it will always be there for me

Wow. sorry for the super long post!
but I had fun doing it and hope 
you enjoyed learning a little more about me.

Enjoy your weekend


  1. i love all of these and how you made it into your header! especially the gg bridge one!

  2. i need to make a banner... yours looks great! and yes those popsicles and cupcakes are notepads! arent great! and they smell so so good! xx

  3. aw, what a wonderful banner! it's great that there's some sort of story or meaning behind each photo :) very cute!

  4. Wow, looks great Lauren! I wish I knew how to make my blog look pretty :)