Thursday, February 10, 2011

Winter Midterm work

Midterm Project

Here is just a little of my most recent school work.
I turned in my sketchbook so I'll have to wait to share my actually 
fashion illustrations, but here is my theme board I put together
to create 14 flats for a contemporary clothing line.

I named my line Karly - Karl Lagerfeld/Burberry lol
and we created the line for Fall 2011
From my research all black is in, 1970's with a modern twist,
a Parisian/Bohemian vibe, and tailored looks.

My line was inspired by Alice+Olivia, and Free People.
and I can't take credit for the clothing ideas, I just drew the
technical drawings known as Flats. ((by hand))

I hope to share more with you guys.
Thank you for all your kind comments


  1. beautiful line! i can't wait to see your actual sketchbook. keep being inspired!

  2. wow these are amazing and so inspiring. I love that the name was mixed between karl largerfeld and burberry! awesome! i love your blog. i am a new follower :) x

  3. how awesome!! i can totally tell that it was inspired by A+O and Freepeople!

  4. Really nice! Love the dresses!

  5. Wow... it looks great and thanks for sharing!

  6. aaaaw your blog is so cute! really! ♥ We're following you! please, if u want..follow us :D

    Lot of kisses from Venezuela♥

  7. this looks like such a fun project! so sweet of you to share it on your blog. i am a huge alice & olivia fan, i love that you used them as an inspiration for your collection!

  8. Nice work! If you like fashion illustration and girly themes, check out my blog! :

    P.S. I think your blog is so adorable!

  9. Very Nicely done good luck to you...