Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Wanted Wednesday, but really Thursday lol

Wanted Wednesday
{ decor & gadgets }

Even though I am a Fashion Marketing major,
one of my other favorite things is decorating ♥
If I wasn't a college student on a budget, renting an apartment
I would probably spend more of my free time
fixing up my place and completing DIY projects.

I am loving soft pinks and glam accents.
I am also a sucker for vintage finds
and fashion coffee table books! 

(most of these items I found on Urban Outfitter's site)

{ Gadgets }

1. THE NEW ipad, its all white!!
2. Home appliances - preferably cute colors
3. A Wii + Wii Fit
4. a mini straightener, so helpful for bangs or fly-aways
5. The White Iphone 4 (( I'm still waiting.. ))

My boyfriend is more of the gadget guru than I am
but sometime they just catch my eye.

*My parents got an ipad this past Christmas and it
is definitely one of the coolest things.
I have a feeling they will be making 
an impact in the Fashion Industry 
{maybe trade-shows for viewing catalogs and CADS,
 as well as placing orders.}

Any gadgets that you guys have your eyes on?

Happy Thursday to you all ♥


  1. everything looks so beautiful and so PINK hehe, nice picks :)

    GIVEAWAY (as seen on at Illustrated-Moodboard

  2. definitely want the new ipad!

  3. Loveliest of posts! I pretty much want everything here. :)

  4. oh! great wishlist!!!

    xoxo from rome

  5. I completely agree about interior design, it's like fashion for your room! I love all those dusty pinks that are so girly and classy!

  6. I am totally wanting the new Ipad in white too! I have been lusting over that bedspread from Urban, it is just perfect!

  7. Your blog is fantastic!! WATCH MY NEW FASHION BLOG :)

  8. Loving all your 'wants'! I want an ipad too - would love it in white :) And your glammy pink room is adorable!


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  10. I'm waiting for new IPad too. I love all the pink things. Favorite color. So sweet.

  11. Right now I just want a new camera, I am not into ipad and iphone my husband is we have an ipad that I never touch and his iphone is cool but It doesnt interest me, I think there is something wrong with me. LOL.

  12. I do love pink with silver accents too! Great post and cool Blog! You have a new follower! XoXo :)

  13. This bedroom is bits and pieces of how mine looks. Love the bedspread and ruffles!

    Happy Friday,

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