Saturday, March 5, 2011

a day behind

{ Friday Fashion Illustration }

I don't know if you have picked up on the trend but I have been
a day behind with most of my posts this week lol
I'mmmm the worstttttttt
I do apologize, hope you can forgive me!
It has been a long hectic week and it's only going to get
a little moreeeee crazy because I am approaching FINALS
and with that comes 4 Final projects (group and by myself),
Final papers, and Final exams.. gives you a lil headache.. I KNOW!
Anyway, enough about my issues, 
here is this weeks Illustrator:

Love them! Just some simple pen work with color ♥

Enjoy your weekend
 and treat yourself to something sweet

I did : ]



  1. love the third one & good luck on finals ;)

  2. Hey there! I noticed you commented on my closet on the decorista so I thought I'd stop by and see your little corner of the world here. I'm so glad I did! Lovely blog... following!
    ps- good luck on the school work! :)

  3. The first illustration is awesome. I'd love that outfit!

    Happy Monday,

  4. Wow i wish i could draw these. so amazing. You have a great blog :)