Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Wanted Wednesday: Inspiring Looks

Wanted Wednesday
{ Inspiring Looks }

I had a very inspiring morning today ♥
I'll share why further down, but when I was doing my
weekly "window shopping" I couldn't help but
be drawn to Free People site and Shopbop's lookbook.
Their stylists are great at what they do!!
I just want to slip on these exact outfits and be these girls.

(images via Free People)

(Images via Shopbop)

And of course you can never have enough nail polish!

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So recently the visual team that I am on at school
was asked to develop a concept and create a
window display at Seed Peoples Market at The Camp in Costa Mesa.
We went this morning to meet with their director of marketing
and get a tour of the space that we will be working in.
I had never been there before! It was beautiful!!
It was Anthropologie meets a small REI.
Their store displays were AMAZING!
So unique and lovely ♥
Here are some pictures I found online,
I will have to go back and SHOP, then share again lol.

This is only a forth of the store, if you are local you should
go check them out!

So I have a busy weekend ahead of me
but I'll be back with a couple more posts.
(( and I'm still missing my weekly gratitude ))

Thank you for stopping by ♥


  1. oooh, i'd like the whole free people spring line, please ;)

  2. The green maxi dress is absolutely stunning! Thanks for sharing! x

  3. Love this post, thanks for the inspiration!!!

  4. Love love ur blog!! So inspirational! :)

  5. I love the green maxi dress, i put it on a post here, take a look :

  6. I just got done flipping through the Free People catalogue and was drooling over the pieces you posted and that wonderful leather vest. Must. Have. Great blog! Sounds like you have a wonderful opportunity with the Seed Peoples Market!

  7. love the inspirations you pulled. now i'm inspired for my next outfit and shoot!


  8. beautiful post!!!!
    this style love it!
    follow u now

  9. The Shopbop white, pleated dress is to die for!

    And I'm loving the books that are "holding up" the counter in that store. I was just at the Lab (across the street) the other day, I'll have to stop over at the Camp next time.

    Thanks for sharing as always. Happy Friday,