Saturday, April 16, 2011

a little rewind..

Do you remember your prom?
I had to look back at mine this weekend 
because my baby brother is going to his first prom!
I feel so old, even though my Jr prom was only 5 years ago..

( Jr Prom '06 - Gennean, Dani, and myself )

My dress pretty much looked like a tablecloth,
so I made up for it at my Sr Prom.

(Sr Prom '07 - My date Kyle and myself )

I LOVED this Dress! I think I had way more fun picking it out
and getting ready (hair, nails, make-up) than I actually did at Prom..
I mean it was alrighttt.

We had a huge group so we took a party bus.
The location was beautiful - Treasure Island (SF).

I feel like it was yesterday that I was in high school,
with minimal responsibilities and just hanging out with all my girls..
that was the life, why did I want to grow up so fast? lol

I hope my brother has a great time
and stays out of trouble (proms can be scandalous).
I wish I was able to be there to take pictures..
I feel like I miss out on so much living so far away.

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Update: My little brother sent me a picture

HOW CUTE are they?!?! Prom was on a boat 
that circled the SF bay all night.

Did you have a great dress?
cool location? awesome or lame date? lol


  1. awh, :) gottah luhv good ole' prom! dude I LOVE your dresses. That was my favorite part, getting a cute dress and lookin smokin hawt at prom :)

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  2. Wow, I love your dress, you looked amazing!!! For sure, I had more fun getting ready!!! Love your blog, now following! Maybe you'll have time to visit my blog:)


  3. You look beautiful in your prom pictures! I remember my prom vaguely (hahah) it wasn't the best but it's always nice to look back at the pictures and see what I wore and remember some of the fun times it was already 6 years ago wow. so long for me now!

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  4. Beautiful prom pictures! Love reminiscing on old time! I will have to go pull my old pictures out.

    Thanks for stopping by Fash Boulevard. I really appreciate your sweet comment.