Thursday, April 14, 2011

Messy bun = stress mode

I'm alive - but barely
It is only the second week into my semester
and I'm already a stressMessy!
- 9 rendered/marker Illustrations (check)
- 500 word essay (check)
- 20 dresses "that changed the world" (check)
- current designer blog post ( quadruple check! )
- Create a Store, logo, hangtags, mood board, and packaging (check)
Are you as tired as I am yet?!?

I swear I wear colors, just sometimes school is school..
 I throw on black and twist that hair up, exciting I know..

I do appreciate all of you stopping by my blog,
feel free to follow and let me know what you think.

(( here is my mood board for my store concept ))
the store's name is: texture
it is a beauty boutique - kind of an anthropologie spin off

I'm not sure if I like the logo.. something to work on

Who is excited
 that it is almost the weekend??
me, Me, ME.



  1. I think that bun looks adorable on you! Not many people can sport the "messy" bun!

    xo Lynzy

  2. Your messy bun is wayy better than mine! :) School has got me crazy so my hair is always pulled back!

  3. Adore your messy bun, and the dark neutrals in your outfit. Super cute!


  4. I love this look, such a perfect casual outfit!