Monday, April 4, 2011

On to the next..

Spring Quarter has started!
I officially started my 7th quarter yesterday..
it kind of hit me that I am seriously wrapping up school here
in the next 12 months (4 more quarters to be exact).
If you didn't know, my school is year-round
so I can receive my degree faster - Which is great!
But it has gone by veryyyyy quickly. 
It has really started to make me anxious about what
my next step after my portfolio show & graduation will be.
I hope I will be able to share with all of you
whatever will come my way ♥

Anyway, because I have been getting ready to get back
in the swing of homework and projects I haven't
been able to take many pictures, but I do have some
random things to share...

1. I had told you guys I wanted to create some of my own art
to hang around my apt, well here is my first piece.

Its pretty simple, but I love the gold texture.
I still have another 11in. x 14in. canvas & a 30in. x 40in. canvas 
to work with, so I hope to challenge myself more with those..
this was my safe piece. 

2. I have joined an amazing website that I think is a great
resource to share... Pinterest!
I had heard about it from Caroline's blog, and she was very kind to
invite me. It is a godsent if you are tried of having soooo many
pictures of inspiration taking up space on your computer.
I highly recommend check it out : )

And lastly

3. I have seen on a few blogs 'the fried egg & avocado sandwich'.
I knew I needed to try! 
I love avocado, and egg sandwiches, and never thought to
put the two together ♥

Here is Taylor's version from Sterlingstyle

And Alicia's version from Cheetah is the New Black

Here was my attempt:

Not nearly as pretty as theirs but trust me it was delicious!!
I'm glad I have another opinion for lonely dinner nights
when the Boyfriend is off at school.
(( My mom would be so proud ♥ ))

Enjoy your Tuesday


  1. WOW I should try that sandwich! It looks so yummy (and healthy) :)

  2. That picture is fantastic!! How did you do it!!??

    XO, Katie
    Running on Happiness

  3. What a lovely work of art for your apartment! You are so talented :)

  4. ahh i love the canvas, its so cute!


  5. that artwork you did looks so cool! and oh man, total food envy right now lol

  6. I love your flower masterpiece, it's fantastic. :)

    The Cat Hag

  7. a. i want a picture like that as a housewarming gift when i finally move into a place of my own. b. egg/avo sandwhiches are the bomb.

  8. you could always, you know... make your boyfriend one of those sandwiches :)

  9. Hey Lauren, I found this video on youtube- hope this is helpful <3

    oh and I tried this sandwich and love it!