Thursday, October 14, 2010

thursday thoughts..

Since today I am at school from 7:30am til 4:30..
I knew just having positive thoughts around me
 would keep my energy and spirits up
so I don't just fall asleep - face first - during class.

So here are some "warm fuzzies" for thursdays

(source unknown)
Of course just the thought of a dessert party
 brings a smile to my face!

(source unknown)
One more positive saying that I should remember
 instead of stressing

(source unknown)
AwWw, sitting outside with My Smalls, 
enjoying one of my Mags =

(Free People)
These boots on my feet! and Cold weather to come back.. 
i'm ready for it

(source unknown)
A perfect coffee table, full of lovely books and mags,
 and fresh flowers.. to enjoy all the time : )

(source unknown)
And to let my friends know that I love them so much!
Even tho I live so far away, I'm always here..
and I think about them all the time

Enjoy your Thursday
and keep the positive thought going!

Love, Lauren

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