Saturday, January 22, 2011

School Assignment #1: Status Symbols

Just a heads up,
One of my classes that I am taking this quarter
has us posting our homework assignments on our personal blogs.
I think this is an awesome way to have you guys interact with my studies!

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{ Identify how celebrities inspire current fashion }
I believe that celebrities inspire most of the current fashion trends
due to the following:
- Media/ Paparazzi/ Exposure
- the faces for most brands/ sitting front row at runways
- their statuses/ lifestyles/ people idolize them

All Brands/Companies know this and use it to their advantage.
They send major celebrities their garments and accessories for free/ loan
in hopes that they are photographed in them, 
and then blasted all over the web or in tabloids so that consumers
will desire "that look" and go purchase the items.
  This is how trends are born.
((Leggings!)) and ((Uggs))

{ Gather photos of trendy celebrities } 
and write descriptions for each to illustrates their effect on society

My personal top 4 picks

{ Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen }
have effected society with their Starbucks cups, blackberrys,
furs, and slouchy dresses.
These two aren't seen too often, but when they are 
they're quite the trend setters - whether you like their attire or not.

{ Olivia Palermo }
can be seen all over the internet and magazines for her preppy-glam style.
 Her claim to fame was being on the MTV show 'The City' with Whitney Port. 
She worked at Elle Magazine on the show, and has now become a model.
She has effected society as a reality star turned fashion socialite,
 proving that it helps to have connections in this industry.  

{ Victoria Beckham }
has effected society as a British Pop Star turned Fashion Icon.
She has given us the oversize glasses, sky-high heels as everyday wear, skinny jeans,
A-line hairstyle, blazers, and "the no smile".
As a mom of three (and one on the way), she has proven that there
is a new attire for "soccer moms".

{ Rachel Zoe }
has effected society with catch-phrases such as "Bananas" and "I die",
for her love of Chanel and her ridiculous personal jewelry collection,
 signature circle glasses, LV thigh high boots,
and for being a celebrity stylist turned reality star.
Rachel is a self made celebrity and quite a power-house business women.

((images via here, and here))

Who inspires your style??
I'd love to know!!


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  2. I love your insight on this post! Great topic.
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  3. Oliva always look ammmmmaazzzing. And have you ever been to I am obsessed. LOVE their style.

  4. very interesting. i actually don't know much about celebrities and found your insights, well, interesting. i think you selected great pics to illustrate your analyses as well.
    -brittney (i hesitate to leave my link, because were you to peruse my daily outfit blog for a few seconds, i'm afraid you'll be brutally disappointed. no celebrity-style here. just me, a normal stay-at-home mom whose closest claim to camera fame is a self-timer on a point-and-shoot.'s me! and i like me.)

  5. OH MY do I love that Olivia Palermo. I don't care how crazy mean she seemed on The City. That style! That hair! Her amazingly tiny little face! Adorbs. :)

  6. Erin Wasson for sure!

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  7. Love your top picks! I also love Nicole Richie!

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  9. great choices. they are my style icons as well. xo

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